Thank you for your interest in posting your minerals on the Mineral Post!

To list your mineral rights for sale (not for lease), please fill out the form below and press, “Submit.” Any personal information you provide in your listing (name, phone, email, etc.) will not be presented online.

If you are unsure of an appropriate price, please feel free to make a note in the comment section so that we can further discuss one. Any additional or useful information can be added into the comment section as well. 

Any relevant documents such as warranty deeds, previous ownership source documentation, final decrees (for inherited minerals), recent payment stubs for royalties, etc., can be helpful. To create your listing, please scan and email your documents to  You are welcome to send your initial name and information through email as well, or you may contact us at 405-747-5589.  Just call us!

Once all relevant information and documents have been uploaded, please press, “Submit." The staff at Mineral Post will then review your submitted information and then contact you to confirm your listing. 

Listing Form


 Phone #s:  
 Legal Description:  
 Net Acres:  
 Type of Interest:  Mineral Work  Leasehold Royalty
  Producing: Yes    No
 Leased: Yes  To whom if known in additional comments!    No 
 Additional Comments:



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